[#TheSession] Dance Talk: Biting, How to Be Original, Choreographed Style | Episode 91:02:05

Published on February 28, 2017

The panel on this episode of #TheSession includes:
Jemuel “JV” Valencia (Former Artistic Director of Culture Shock DC, Tito BoyScouts, Major Definition Co-Founder)
Shawn Spears AKA Chopstix (Former Freestyle Director of Culture Shock DC, Freestyle Crew)
Heungkook “HK” Stephens (Former Freestyle Director of Culture Shock DC, Dynamic Dance Troupe, Anti-loc Breaks Crew)

0:04:35 – Topic 1 – Biting
0:23:27 – Topic 2 – How to Be Original
0:42:21 – Topic 3 – Choreographed Styles vs Stylized Choreography

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Jemuel “JV” Valencia – https://instagram.com/veejayjayvee
Shawn Spears AKA Chopstix – https://instagram.com/poppn_chopstix
Heungkook “HK” Stephens – https://instagram.com/heungkook
“Magic” Mike Arellano – https://twitter.com/MikeArellano
Eser Valencia AKA Ser Lock – https://twitter.com/serlockholmez
Mark Valle – https://instagram.com/Nachobrochacho
Russ Santos – https://twitter.com/lockinrobin

Intro music by Radd Guarin – https://soundcloud.com/mynameisradd

Director – Mark Valle (MarkLValle@gmail.com)
Editor – Jasper Samson (https://youtube.com/yoinkyoink)
Creator, Producer – Russ Santos (dancefam@dancefam.tv)

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