[GadgetGroov] 3 Ways Smartwatches Can Benefit Dancers

Published on September 15, 2014


Smartwatches seem to be all the craze right now in the tech industry. Last week, Apple announced that they’ll join in the fun by introducing the Apple Watch, while others are slipping under the radar like Motorola’s Moto 360. With all of these smartwatches popping up left and right, a few questions come to mind. But for the dancers, there’s really only one; how can a smartwatch benefit me when I dance?

I feel a little obligated to answer a few of the more general questions when it comes to smartwatches so before I get to the big question, I’ll answer the others in a short and sweet manner.

  • Do I need a smartwatch?
    • Absolutely not.
  • Are they cool?
    • Heck yeah!
  • What’s their main purpose?
    • Convenience.
  • Which one should I get?
    • Right now? Moto 360 by Motorola.
    • Later? Don’t know yet.
  • Why the Moto 360?
    • Balanced between style and functionality.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on…

Dancing With a Smartwatch

Convenience. Convenience. Convenience. That is how a smartwatch can help you when it comes to dance or even life in general.  (Starting to get the idea?) Take your smartphone, shrink it, throw it on a wrist band, and add a fitness/heart rate tracker to it; that’s what a smartwatch is (for now). I’ve had the new Moto 360 by Motorola for a few days now so I’ll be basing most of my opinions on that. Within that time, I was able use it in normal, everyday situations and while teaching a locking workshop. That said, I came up with 3 clear ways a smartwatch can benefit a dancer.

Music Player Control

Whether using the stock Android Wear app or another that you download, controlling your smartphone’s music player is probably the best feature to have while dancing and definitely while teaching. Hook up your smartphone to your audio system and walk away knowing you have control of your music from your wrist. Practicing, choreographing, and teaching gets much easier without having to run back and forth from your smartphone to control your music, as long as you’re comfortable dancing with a watch.

My smartwatch is an awesome, potentially permanent, substitute for my Bluetooth receiver. If there’s one thing you’ll use a smartwatch for when it comes to dance, it’s this.

Fitness/Heart Rate Tracker

If you’re a fitness buff – and as dancers, we all kind of are – you’ll like to know how active you are. The smartwatch gurus got it right by adding fitness sensors to their smartwatches as fitness bands have also been the latest craze. What’s cool with the Moto 360, and I’m sure all of the newer smartwatches, is the heart rate monitor. It’ll keep track of how active you are by tracking your heart rate and can even prompt you to be more active if desired.

Another cool feature is the step tracker. Set up personal daily step goals and your watch will keep track of how many steps you take over time. It’s kind of rewarding seeing how many steps your take after you teach or take a dance class. It’s more rewarding when you reach your daily goal. Seeing how many steps you take in the course of a day, with or without dancing, is pretty amazing.

Smartphone Tracker

This one’s real easy. There are countless times when I leave a dance studio/event and see someone rushing back in because they forgot their phone. This feature can prevent that!…or at least make you realize it sooner. There are plenty of apps you can download that will prompt you when your smartwatch is no longer connected to your smartphone allowing you rush a short distance back to your smartphone.

Perhaps instead, you’re in the room of where you left your smartphone, but can’t find it. Simply activate the “phone finder” feature (plenty of these apps too) and listen for your smartphone as it rings, trying to tell you where it is.


So there you have it: smartwatches in all of its glory. There’s obviously more that a smartwatch can do, but these are the ways that it could help a dancer. Should you get one? If you have a couple hundred dollars to kill and like to have bleeding edge technology, then go for it! Otherwise, you can probably afford to hold off a bit more and see what the newer smartwatches will have to offer.

Come up with other ways smartwatches can benefit dancers? Or maybe you have a different smartwatch and a different opinion? Feel free to share either in a comment!

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