[GadgetGroov] Teach With Ease Using HomeSpot’s NFC Bluetooth Receiver

Published on August 24, 2014


Whether it’s to pay the bills or strictly for the pleasure of sharing, teaching a dance class or workshop can be very rewarding. Teaching is always a good time, but there’s one thing that always irritated me a little; having to run back and forth to start and stop the music… But that’s where this little guy steps in! Introducing, HomeSpot’s NFC-enabled Bluetooth Receiver.

What is it?

HomeSpot’s NFC Bluetooth Receiver is both a lifesaver and a time saver when it comes to teaching a class. Connect the bluetooth receiver to the audio system via a standard 3.5mm audio or RCA cable, both of which are provided. Feed it power using a Mini USB cable and UL-plug adapter; again both provided. Connect your smartphone or other bluetooth-enabled device to the receiver; a simply tap if your device is NFC-capable.

Once you’re connected, go ahead and walk away! Start your class and control your music from wherever you are in the room without ever having to go back the audio system. You’re going to want to stay within 20 meters (66 feet), but that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

What do I get?

A life time of teaching ease… But seriously, you save a ton of time not having to run back and forth from the audio system. You also get:

  • The bluetooth receiver
  • A Mini USB cable to power the receiver
  • A UL-plug adapter to plug it into an outlet
  • A 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable
  • A 3.5mm to RCA audio cable

Where can I get one?

At the time of this post, you can find it at Amazon for $27.99. Completely worth it.

This awesome little guy has made my teaching experiences so much better because it let me focus more on the class/workshop and less on stumbling to start and stop my music.

Tried it out and have a different opinion or have a better idea? Let me know in a comment!

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